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CBS News's Anthony Mason on "Astral Weeks" and the Weak Economy

CBS News's Business Correspondent Anthony Mason took some time today to discuss with Imus the business of Van Morrison. Reporting for CBS's Sunday Morning show, Mason yesterday taped an interview with the legendary Morrison.
"He was saying wonderful things about you!" Mason told Imus. "He said when his country album came out a few years ago, one of the only people to play it was Imus."
Imus remarked on the stunning fact that Morrison recorded the original Astral Weeks album at the young age of 23. A live version of Astral Weeks, recorded just last year at the Hollywood Bowl, was released yesterday.
"Every time I hear, it I feel something different from it," Mason said about Astral Weeks. "It's like a really great painting-everytime you look at it, you see something new."

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