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Welcome to the all new homepage

As usual you'll find within this site facts about Mr. Van Morrison's music. If you are looking for gossip, try another site.
What has changed?
With version 4.x.x.x the main change is that Adobe Flash isn't used anymore.
With version 3.x.x.x the main change, as you can already see, is a new style. Reason for this was, that after 9 years I wanted to get rid of the used frameset and use SSI instead.

This resulted in
  • a new menu structure
  • more information, especially regarding the official releases
  • no more pop-ups for the setlists
  • within a specific setlist, you can now click on any song or musician and will be taken to the according information
  • a version number as been added (for more details see this documentation
  • for each single page the last modification date is displayed
  • the last update date is displayed
  • a new global button has been added to make navigation a little bit more easy - it has the same functionality as your browser's back button
  • the menu name "PERFORMANCES" was changed to "Live"
  • the menu name "OFFICIAL RELEASES" was changed to "Discography"
  • the menu "BANDS" can now be found as a menu item in the "Live"-Menu
  • I got rid of all external tracking features (visitors etc.), e.g. google. I know that the page has approx. 300 different visitors (=different IPs) per day
  • a Releases Gallery has been added. You'll for sure notice some differences to the official gallery...
  • there's no "guestbook" anymore (it was mainly used to contact me - now just click on Contact at the bottom
  • enhanced navigation between "Live" and "Discography"
What hasn't changed?
  • all former available information is still there
  • I still use images for song titles, venues and musician names, as there are a couple of other websites who gain to make money with this information
  • still no cookies
  • java script is used
  • Michael Hayward's Glossary is still included, but stalled with one exception regarding information on the pylons on Hyndford Street (thanks to Simon S.)
Many thanks
go out to all the people worldwide who provide me with information and encourage me - you and I know who you are !
To Be Done
  • update on most descriptions of the official releases
  • launch of the bibliography

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