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Version & Version History

last public update: Sunday, 20-Sep-2020 16:56:16 CEST
The version number you see is build by the following rule:
   W - digit 0-99; defines major changes in style and/or functionality
	so far there have been 4 major versions
	Version 1: valid from 2002 - 2005
	Version 2: valid from 2005 - 2014 (static menu using frames and pop-up windows; introducing version history)
	Version 3: valid from 2014 - 2017 (using ssi)
	Version 4: valid from 2017 - (eliminating Adobe Flash)
   X - digit 0-99; defines minor changes in style and/or functionality
   Y - digit 0-99; defines fixing of problems/errors
   Z - digit 0-9999; defines content updates

Version Date Reason
6.5.x.x. 2020-05-29 restructuring of performance details incl. song details & versions
5.5.0.x. 2019-07-29 replacing GoogleMaps
4.5.1.x. 2018-10-21 introducing calendar- & weekdays section
4.4.1.x. 2018-07-23 introducing a caution sign if there is a questionable setlist
4.4.0.x. 2017-10-24 launch of new bands section
4.3.0.x. 2017-10-12 replacing Adobe Flash
3.3.0.x. 2016-11-02 introducing guest appearances overview
3.2.0.x. 2016-10-31 introducing VMIndex to individual shows
3.1.0.x. 2016-09-23 introducing never played live official songs 2014-11-30 launch of new version

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