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"What did Van Morrison play ?"

Within the chapter VAN MORRISON - LIVE - THE SONGS you will find information for

  • more than 900 songs

As many of you already know, Van Morrison is taping each and every of his performances since the early 70s.
The information within these pages derive from fan recordings and may differ from Mr. Morrison's.

A performance is defined as follows:
  • one public appearance for one day
  • the first public appearance for one day, when two shows are played
  • the last public appearance for one day, when two shows are played
  • one public appearance for one day with restricted public access
  • rehearsal done for a public appearance; as there are rehearsal before every show (and Van Morrison doesn't attend all of them) only the fan recorded ones are listed
  • one public appearance for one day intended for broadcasting
  • known studio appearance; there are many more as Van Morrison is always working, but yet unknown to me
  • appearing as guest of another artist
  • these performances were advertised but did not happen for various reasons

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