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These released songs were never played live by Van Morrison

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(It Won't Hurt) Half As Much
(Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball
A Quarter To Three
Ain't No Big Thing
All The Bits
Almost Independence Day
At The End Of The Day
Back O' Town Blues
Back On The Corner
Back Street Affair
Back Water Blues
Bad Or Good
Be Thou My Vision
Blow In Your Nose
Blues Before Sunrise
Bring 'Em On In
Celtic Spring
Chickee Coo
Come Here My Love
Comfort You
Could You Would You
Crazy Face
Cuchulainn Described
Cuchulainn Meets The Goddess Morrigan
Do It
Don't You Know
Drivin' Wheel
Dum Dum George
Every Sixty Seconds
Fame > Look What The Good People Done > Thanks For The Information
Fame > Look What The Good People Done > Thanks For The Information > They Sold Me Out
Freaky If You Got This Far
Frisco Blues
Go For Yourself
Go On Home Baby
Going Down
Goldfish Bowl > What's Wrong With This Picture > Here They Come Again
Goodbye George
Gypsy Queen
Hang On Groovy
Here Comes Dumb George
Here They Come Again
Hold On George
How Long Baby
I Can Only Give You Everything
I Cover The Waterfront
I Don't Want Much
I Love You (The Smile You Smile)
I Love You Honey
I'll Be Your Lover, Too
I'm Gonna Dress In Black
I'm Tired Joey Boy
It's All Right
Joe Harper Saturday Morning
John Brown's Body
Jump And Thump
Just Ball
La Mambo
Let The Slave
Linden Arden Stole The Highlights
Look Here
Look What The Good People Done > Here They Come Again
Look What The Good People Done > Thanks For The Information
Man Has To Struggle
My Little Baby
Naming Of Cuchulainn
No Trouble Livin'
Nose In Your Blow
Pagan Streams
Perfect Moment
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Quality Street
Queen Medbh Looks Into The Future
Rainy Day
Red House
Ring Worm
Savoy Hollywood
Sax Instrumental No.1
Scream And Holler
See Me Through Part II (Just A Closer Walk With Thee)
Send Your Mind
Serves Me Right To Suffer > Syndicator
Shake And Roll
Shake It Mable
Singing The Blues
Song Of Being A Child
Starting A New Life
Stepping Out Queen
Stepping Out Queen Part 2
Stomp And Scream
Sweet Jannie
Swiss Cheese
Tell Me
The Back Room
The Big Royalty Check
The Birth Of Cuchulainn
The Fearsome Transformations
The Hero Ferdiad Fights Cuchulainn
The Last Lough
The Magical Death Of Cuchulainn
The Smile You Smile
The Story Of Them
The Story Of Them Part 1
The Story Of Them Part 2
The War Chariot And The Thunder Feat
The Wobble
Thirty Two
Time's Gettin' Tougher Than Tough
To Be Born Again
Tonight You're Mine
Travellin' Blues
Twist And Shake
Up Your Mind
Valley Of Tears
Walk And Talk
Want A Danish
Wasted Years
What's The Point
Wobble And Ball
You Can Count On Me (To Do My Part)
You Just Can't Win
You Say France And Whistle

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