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VM-1366THEM-Baby Please Don't Go official 1987value
VM-1839THEM-It's All Over Now Baby Blue official 1983value
VM-0506Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10value
VM-0505Common One-Summertime In England promotional 1980-09value
VM-0509Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart Singles-Cry For Home official 1983-03value
VM-0555Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart Singles-Celtic Swing official 1983-03value
VM-0502A Sense Of Wonder Singles-A Sense Of Wonder official 1984-10-12value
VM-0504A Sense Of Wonder Singles-Tore Down A La Rimbaud promotional 1984value
VM-0510A Sense Of Wonder Singles-4 New Tracks promotional 1984value
VM-2063A Sense Of Wonder Singles-PLOYGRAM RECORDS IN-STORE-PLAY SAMPLER... promotional 1984value
VM-0556No Guru, no Method, no Teacher Singles-Ivory Tower official 1986-08-11value
VM-0508No Guru, no Method, no Teacher Singles-Got To Go Back promotional 1986-06value
VM-0724No Guru, no Method, no Teacher Singles-Ivory Tower promotional 1986-08-11value
VM-0507Poetic Champions Compose-Spanish Steps promotional 1987value
VM-0552Irish Heartbeat-I'll Tell Me Ma official 1988-06value
VM-2064Irish Heartbeat-Irish Heartbeat promotional 1988-06value
VM-0503Avalon Sunset Singles-Have I Told You Lately official 1990value
VM-0554Avalon Sunset Singles-Have I Told You Lately official 1989-05value
VM-0557Avalon Sunset Singles-Whenever God Shines His Light official 1989-05value
VM-0642Avalon Sunset Singles-Orangefield official 1989-10-09value
VM-0763Avalon Sunset Singles-Whenever God Shines His Light promotional 1989-05value
VM-0773Avalon Sunset Singles-Whenever God Shines His Light promotional 1989-05value
VM-0584Enlightenment Singles-In The Days Before Rock'N' Roll official 1990-11value
VM-0585Enlightenment Singles-Real Real Gone official 1990-10value
VM-0720Carrying A Torch-Carrying A Torch official 1991value
VM-0643Hymns To The Silence Singles-Why Must I Always Explain? official 1991-09-02value
VM-1388Hymns To The Silence Singles-I Can't Stop Loving You official 1991-05-13value
VM-0501Too Long In Exile-Gloria promotional 1993-04value
VM-2065Too Long In Exile-Promopop promotional 1993-04value
REBELS-02The Rebels-Official Audio official 2021-09-10value

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