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Down The Road

Album Info

Released: 2002-05-14
Producer: Van Morrison
Liner Notes – Ben Sidran
Mastered By: Tim Cooper
Engineer: Walter Samuel
Engineer [Assistant]: Jerome King, Stuart Bruce
Photography By: Paul Whitaker, Peter Thorpe
Design, Art Direction: Matt Curtis (Abrahams Pant)

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ID: VM-0728

Label: iTunesReleased: 2007-09-16ISBN: download
Length: 1h07m12sSongs: 15internal: -
Packaging: -Dimensions (l*w*h): null*null*nullProcessing: null
# title length ffp comment
1 Down The Road 0:04:20.00 3f4f2ef27ac4f85c24947f035686a029 -
2 Meet Me In The Indian Summer 0:04:00.00 9d488de9757aa16d06aadeaef57435c2 -
3 Steal My Heart Away 0:04:23.00 2fe1a5bed09c8a87448f8b8d21f25f2c -
4 Hey Mr. DJ 0:03:49.00 b730ee68478f0eafcabc1ebd424e9eb3 -
5 Talk Is Cheap 0:04:23.00 0e67db172d4a99f806277b9c9d65b3ca -
6 Choppin' Wood 0:03:30.00 0c861ce8d7d14d8baadefe6ce4537567 -
7 What Makes The Irish Heart Beat 0:03:49.00 d2509e440e6280bc096d033f2fe32e94 -
8 All Work And No Play 0:04:55.00 e5bd1c39380462667b8e479bb7f23df3 -
9 Whatever Happened To PJ Proby ? 0:03:17.00 2badcd571180d4a6adffd2b93518613f -
10 The Beauty Of The Days Gone By 0:05:50.00 f56274c258e2e717fb0479c678542115 -
11 Georgia On My Mind 0:05:37.00 accd870e7b84e7748c49a2daef5824f9 -
12 Only A Dream 0:05:00.00 4bc708ac45a2fc3b42953baf6d5c2d7a -
13 Man Has To Struggle 0:05:10.00 f63b9c389fb9a737aa5f2e620a970e29 -
14 Evening Shadows 0:04:04.00 64d65a56ec8bfda357636843bd1a5e07 -
15 Fast Train 0:05:05.00 8a1376f993cb8a31fb1422d79c8d493e -
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