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It's Too Late To Stop Now Remaster

Album Info

Released: 2008
producer: Van Morrison, Ted Tempelmann
engeneers: Donn Landee, Myles Wiener, Biff Dawes, Jack Crymes, Gabby Garcia, Chris Chigaridas, Bill Broms, Bob Harper


ID: VM-1411

Label: Universal Music DistributionReleased: 2008-11-11ISBN: -
Length: 1h36m02sSongs: 19internal:
Matrix: -Matrix: -Matrix: -
# title length ffp comment
1 Ain't Nothin' You Can Do 0:03:48.00 7c37ed1246f1728bf0d42acd0f47d528 -
2 Warm Love 0:03:04.00 e6bdff5785242400306bf55ca62789fc -
3 Into The Mystic 0:04:31.00 c2fad9f905ff43db4173a3f9b91e3d30 -
4 These Dreams Of You 0:03:36.00 aea7d45639866c1f4ca1485db7aae8b7 -
5 I Believe To My Soul 0:04:08.00 8c71a02c9585bcf1b3d963d3c8ebb73d -
6 I've Been Working 0:03:55.00 b16c28da0bd71a6eb1ee5cba63edbbf6 -
7 Help Me 0:03:25.00 0168a60b75d475523018cd42da375380 -
8 Wild Children 0:05:04.00 8bdc62a32e289df3448c47831f92939d -
9 Domino 0:04:47.00 f0ce77a3bfe5ec05187d65051fad195d -
10 I Just Want To Make Love To You 0:05:16.00 8add980ae80090c8cfa1f6dc3810ac6e -
11 Bring It On Home To Me 0:04:43.00 6aef405800084049f6122b32ed536866 -
12 Saint Dominic's Preview 0:06:17.00 35e3efe65026f3b610ca9181be1c4069 -
13 Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket 0:04:04.00 a06ccda4bcded783c6dcc911e1d8a6c7 -
14 Listen To The Lion 0:08:43.00 af127beb211fee8dfb9ce782b532f444 -
15 Here Comes The Night 0:03:13.00 7fbe2d7aae75c7dffde481a422f7e047 -
16 Gloria 0:04:14.00 04075c5586d32307163ad78a64d35ab5 -
17 Caravan 0:09:20.00 28806f6ea601165a473c11dbc8ce65f9 -
18 Cyprus Avenue 0:10:28.00 ce6620ab5bbf2c68e503a7a573f6e33c spelled correctly for the first time!!
19 Brown Eyed Girl 0:03:26.00 272a2fa21d07d6fdfc47d87bea73ca40 -

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