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Tell Me Something


SHM-CD is a digital optical disc data storage manufacturing process. It is an improved compact disc product with the greatest change being a different polycarbonate material that allows more precise physical representation of stored bits during pressing and less laser scatter during reading. These improvements aim to facilitate playback by producing fewer errors and potentially better sound quality. SHM-CDs are played on a standard CD player.

Album Info

Released: 1996-10-08
Producer: Ben Sidran, Georgie Fame, Van Morrison
Mastered By: Tim Young
Mixed By: Tristan Powell
Recorded By: Richard Manwaring, Tristan Powell
Sleeve Notes: Ben Sidran

Paper Sleeve Collection

ID: VM-1264

Label: UNIVERSAL MUSIC K.K.Released: 2008-11-19ISBN: CANCELLED
Length: nyaSongs: 14internal: UICY-93813
Packaging: mini LP sleeveDimensions (l*w*h): null*null*nullProcessing: null
# title length ffp comment
1 One Of These Days - - -
2 You Can Count On Me (To Do My Part) - - -
3 If You Live - - -
4 Was - - -
5 Look Here - - -
6 City Home - - -
7 No Trouble Livin' - - -
8 Benediction - - -
9 Back On The Corner - - -
10 Tell Me Something - - -
11 I Don't Want Much - - -
12 News Nightclub - - -
13 Perfect Moment - - -
14 Look What The Good People Done - - alternative take
Remark: The Songs Of Mose Allison

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