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Don't Look Back

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Ain't No Big Thing
Blues Before Sunrise
Don't Look Back
Frisco Blues
I Love You Honey
Question & Answer
Rainy Day
Red House
The Healing Game
Travellin' Blues
"To Be Done
[to be done]
to be done
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Label Released 2007-07-13
ISBN internal
Length 0h49m31s Songs
ffp comment
2 The Healing Game 0:05:09.33 bc6f6af5df729c7753c77a4e26b5957e vocals and guitar
3 Ain't No Big Thing 0:05:19.93 bdea534b47e523a390f5ccf90ac1c8a2 guitar
4 Don't Look Back 0:06:42.73 3213810fbc383f0a09e1ec13b91cfc93 vocals and guitar
5 Blues Before Sunrise 0:05:27.70 9bda03523f781b805e7107f33d7ab893 guitar
6 Spellbound 0:03:56.96 c94a83f0033af3bb8613006ae06d45a7 guitar
7 Travellin' Blues 0:05:36.40 75a6eeff54a6e56d4dbebe8839cb9c26 vocals and guitar
8 I Love You Honey 0:03:31.77 a1d598aafb2f5de645d5def34e88d23a guitar
9 Frisco Blues 0:03:48.86 3fe02653d948523733da9af1424bdcd4 guitar
10 Red House 0:04:04.80 d986ba499a952de5da31890862919f5b guitar
11 Rainy Day 0:05:52.62 b8d8098cedc40ac236d25387bf8f3c20 vocals and guitar
Matrix 62309935/49212 21

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