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Album Info

Released: 1970-01-27
Lewis Merenstein-executive production
Van morrison-producer
David Gahr-photography
Steve Friedberg,Tony May,Neil Scxhwartz, Elliot Scheiner, Shelly Yakus-engineering
Bob Cato-design
Studio A @ A & R Studios,799 7th Avenue at 52nd Street,New York City,New York,USA

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Involved Musicians


VM-0217Moondance-regular official 1970-03-1
VM-0218Moondance-Collector's Edition official 1997-1
VM-0219Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-0466Moondance-regular official 1970-03-1
VM-0467Moondance-regular official 1982-1
VM-0522Moondance-Super Disk official 1970-03-1
VM-0523Moondance-Serie Pioneros official 1970-03-1
VM-0524Moondance-regular official 2007-1
VM-0525Moondance-regular official 1970-03-1
VM-0541Moondance-Super Twins official 1997-11-26-1
VM-0638Moondance-regular official 1996-01-25-1
VM-0686Moondance-regular official 1970-03-1
VM-0759Moondance-regular official 1982-1
VM-0794Moondance-regular official 1970-03-1
VM-0812Moondance-regular official 1982-1
VM-0836Moondance-Longbox official 1986-1
VM-0866Moondance-Come Running official 1970-02-10-1
VM-0928Moondance-Crazy Love official --1
VM-0955Moondance-regular official 1970-02-1
VM-1060Moondance-regular official 1970-02-1
VM-1074Moondance-TWO ON ONE official 1982-1
VM-1080Moondance-Come Running official 1970-02-10-1
VM-1092Moondance-Come Running official 1970-02-10-1
VM-1108Moondance-Crazy Love official 1970-02-10-1
VM-1132Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-1137Moondance-Double Dynamite official 1970-1
VM-1180Moondance-TWO ON ONE official 1982-1
VM-1182Moondance-regular official 1982-1
VM-1187Moondance-regular official 2008-06-25-1
VM-1214Moondance-Digital Remaster official 2008-06-25-1
VM-1248Moondance-Analog Remaster official 2008-12-18-1
VM-1428Moondance-regular official 1982-1
VM-1430Moondance-regular official 1985-1
VM-1431Moondance-Come Running official 1970-02-10-1
VM-1453Moondance-regular official 1982-1
VM-1462Moondance-Come Running official 1970-07-08-1
VM-1488Moondance-2 Originals Of… official 1976-1
VM-1543Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-1613Moondance-Analog Remaster official 2009-05-20-1
VM-1691Moondance-regular official 2006-1
VM-1714Moondance-2 Originals Of… official 1976-1
VM-1814Moondance-Come Running official 1970-07-08-1
VM-1901Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-1909Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-2040Moondance-The HMV Classic Collection official 1988-09-05-1
VM-2132Moondance-Double Dose official 1997-11-26-1
VM-2134Moondance-TRILOGY official 1992-1
VM-2176Moondance-Crazy Love official 1970-07-08-1
VM-2179Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-2180Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-2250Moondance-TRILOGY official 2005-1
VM-2296Moondance-regular official 1986-1
VM-2302Moondance-3 FOR ONE official 2000-1
VM-2319Moondance-Discotheque Ideale official 2010-1
VM-2332Moondance-Come Running official 1970-02-10-1
VM-2345Moondance-regular official 1971-1
VM-0321Moondance-Come Running promotional 1970-03-1
VM-0544Moondance-regular promotional 1970-03-1
VM-0704Moondance-Come Running promotional 1970-02-10-1
VM-0909Moondance-regular promotional 1970-02-1
VM-0943Moondance-Come Running promotional 1970-02-10-1
VM-1272Moondance-Come Running promotional 1970-02-10-1
VM-1297Moondance-Come Running promotional 1970-02-10-1
VM-1521Moondance-Analog Remaster promotional 2008-12-18-1
VM-1992Moondance-Come Running promotional 1970-02-10-1
VM-2305Moondance-Come Running Test Pressing promotional 1970-06-1
VM-2001Moondance Extended Cassette-Collector's Evergreen Edition official 1986-1

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