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Album Info

Released: 1978-09
Producer-Van Morrison
Special assistance with production-Mick Glossop, Bobby Tench and Peter Bardens
Production Assistant-Paul Wexler
Second engineers-Alan Douglas, Richard Ash
Engineer-Mick Glossop
Additional remix engineer-Peter Granet
Assisting engineer-David Latman, Alex Kash


Involved Musicians


VM-0196Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0197Wavelength-regular official 1988-1
VM-0198Wavelength-20bit-Remaster official 1997-06-03-1
VM-0309Wavelength-Kingdom Hall official 1978-1
VM-0323Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-0329Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-0332Wavelength-Natalia official 1979-02-1
VM-0333Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-0343Wavelength-Natalia official 1979-02-1
VM-0359Wavelength-Natalia official 1979-02-1
VM-0360Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-0421Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0453Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0475Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0539Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0565Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0699Wavelength-regular official 2007-09-09-1
VM-0823Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0824Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0858Wavelength-The Van Morrison Remasters official 2008-01-28-1
VM-0934Wavelength-Paper Sleeve Collection official 2008-03-26-1
VM-0966Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-1000Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-1045Wavelength-regular official 1988-1
VM-1109Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-1113Wavelength-20bit-Remaster official 1998-03-18-1
VM-1208Wavelength-The Van Morrison Remasters official 2008-01-28-1
VM-1282Wavelength-Paper Sleeve Collection official 2008-09-23-1
VM-1340Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-1346Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-1405Wavelength-Natalia official 1979-02-1
VM-1414Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-1485Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-1562Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-1765Wavelength-Paper Sleeve Collection Re-Release official 2010-04-03-1
VM-1802Wavelength-Wavelength official 1978-10-1
VM-1966Wavelength-Longbox official 1988-1
VM-2316Wavelength-Natalia official 1979-02-1
VM-2355Wavelength-regular official 1978-10-1
VM-0282Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0342Wavelength-Checkin' It Out promotional 1979-04-1
VM-0354Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0355Wavelength-Natalia promotional 1979-02-1
VM-0459Wavelength-Natalia promotional 1979-02-1
VM-0460Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1979-04-1
VM-0506Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0529Wavelength-regular promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0700Wavelength-regular promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0706Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0828Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10-1
VM-0878Wavelength-regular promotional 1978-1025.001
VM-1087Wavelength-Natalia promotional 1979-02-1
VM-1471Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-12-1
VM-2050Wavelength-regular promotional 1978-10-1
VM-2120Wavelength-Wavelength promotional 1978-10-1
VM-2201Wavelength-The Van Morrison Remasters promotional 2008-01-1

Releases by media type

Versions present in my collection:

5 official
8 official
15 official
6 official
2 official
1 official
2 official
11 promotional
1 promotional
4 promotional
1 promotional

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