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The Healing Game Deluxe Edition

8 of the 38 song(s) first released on

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Album Info

Released: 2019-03-22
Producer: Van Morrison
Engineer: Walter Samuel
Art: Matt Curtis (Abrahams Pant)
Photography: Paul Cox

Album Info

Released: 2019-03-22
Producer: Van Morrison
Engineer: Walter Samuel
Art: Matt Curtis (Abrahams Pant)
Photography: Paul Cox



Label: Exile Productions Ltd./Sony Music Entertainment/iTunesReleased: 2019-03-21ISBN: -
Length: 3h57m24sSongs: 44internal: 1447685293
Packaging: directoryDimensions (l*w*h): -**Processing: mp4 Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity at 277 kb/s
Matrix: -
# title length ffp comment
D01T01 Rough God Goes Riding 0:06:18.00 22fd4177446854b98d797bb3194af5e5 -
D01T02 Fire In the Belly 0:06:34.00 2ef154594671b473148c08fbf59a1138 -
D01T03 This Weight 0:04:37.00 b5b2e21f1d5be10546cef084b399094d -
D01T04 Waiting Game 0:05:56.00 e18aa188991b4fc5e2d499707ac5b27b -
D01T05 Piper at the Gates of Dawn 0:03:53.00 72be9329b2b3e86e440ed30f25ebd744 -
D01T06 Burning Ground 0:05:37.00 f6cf8c6069a22f4e65471f64de61f5d7 -
D01T07 It Once Was My Life 0:05:10.00 ce21e31e0d9891d060364a6f3b9f6968 -
D01T08 Sometimes We Cry 0:05:14.40 00cbbaff3c3fd85dec4ff20b55932a5f -
D01T09 If You Love Me 0:05:01.00 dee07397e4b0017f861c8469e6041431 -
D01T10 The Healing Game 0:05:16.00 6b97444caba47523152a8e5a5a3c1790 -
D01T11 Look What the Good People Done 0:05:42.00 2c9d84424f175606ce6ee48b6d0d8d86 -
D01T12 At the End of the Day 0:04:30.00 5cb90b565a0e74c1c3f9aaec98e3a391 -
D01T13 The Healing Game (single version) 0:04:28.00 6ee74927333041faefc56592bc927d5c -
D01T14 Full Force Gale '96 0:03:34.00 82b526d385a7eacacde31639d23dec1e -
D01T15 St. Dominic's Preview 0:06:44.00 64a98794ea16f4847a57b5f307c046b2 -
D02T01 The Healing Game (alternate version) 0:07:41.00 66810df6cf8a16b4415d1ac613ecd50e -
D02T02 Fire In The Belly (alternate version) 0:05:24.00 1ae4adccf5b54ca8a71b704e150e86b3 -
D02T03 Didn't He Ramble 0:06:11.00 44b364525129f06fad9cfd41b1f42e10 -
D02T04 The Healing Game (jazz version) 0:05:15.00 bceac669bff6c55bb4a69a6b1504b32c jazz version
D02T05 Sometimes We Cry (full length version) 0:08:22.00 fe019100a313480c421783d29a741de6 full length version
D02T06 Mule Skinner Blues 0:04:32.00 c06ffa359910097de657e9aff46b627c -
D02T07 A Kiss To Build A Dream On 0:04:29.00 44ca01df59016e49066dbc5f18f9c949 -
D02T08 Don't Look Back 0:06:42.00 25574e1891a582d87b316962230cb758 with John Lee Hooker
D02T09 The Healing Game 0:05:09.00 5ae9cdacb0ce87e2332460a1dacbbd3a with John Lee Hooker
D02T10 Boppin' The Blues 0:03:58.00 948e90d8f2e8b4c9c0dfd7b38c7eb79a with John Lee Hooker
D02T11 Matchbox 0:04:07.00 ff3ae652f9307e468950246eaf1b2d9a with Carl Perkins
D02T12 Sittin' On Top Of The World 0:03:18.00 29b3d5e44d345cf5f9f0669659f7ba8c with Carl Perkins
D02T13 My Angel 0:06:08.00 5569e7e97f6830af78a90ad73573a7c8 with Carl Perkins
D02T14 All By Myself 0:03:27.00 c742b06895cb6c842eafac744444b149 with Carl Perkins
D02T15 Mule Skinner Blues 0:04:34.00 4284def7aa905cdf6f39b1b4f9a0f921 with Lonnie Donegan
D03T01 Rough God Goes Riding 0:05:40.00 f01e7168e95dbd3ac56cc42ded14bd4e Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T02 Foreign Window 0:03:53.00 4b14adc378b2a9a33c502420152001d8 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T03 Tore Down a la Rimbaud 0:03:18.00 4d3f1a10319b37206f1b78789fbfe5cc Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T04 Vanlose Stairway > Trans-Euro Train 0:04:55.00 8a92e87a2f092a90f92408bcdbb53b88 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T05 Fool for You 0:03:17.00 07b75c85c9bd8f783462ceb9452cb6db Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T06 Sometimes We Cry 0:05:30.00 19cc4643c6d8ecd64bbd18d56b120df0 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T07 It Was Once My Life 0:05:02.00 a52c3cc9044211afb697079963c102ec Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T08 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore 0:07:24.00 d85295ce546bd299e8c9dac335710b47 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T09 This Weight 0:04:20.00 b30cd21058c9f31ffc50b9bc886570db Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T10 Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) 0:04:04.00 22a2152959451a55271c838a8d9142f8 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T11 Fire In the Belly 0:05:59.00 9f5ae52e7ba9967c5be7fda15e143e0a Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T12 Tupelo Honey > Why Must I Explain 0:06:49.00 4d6c7c89fc38cc9dddd6142525fb73c0 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T13 The Healing Game 0:05:50.00 986b92a9f3803799058a23250a1ba9a5 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19
D03T14 See Me Through > Soldier of Fortune > Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) > Burning Ground 0:13:32.00 00db2dd19c4e40793db900a5d21c7ba8 Live at Montreux 1997-07-19

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