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(Van Morrison)

Brandy [Saint Dominic's Preview Remaster]

Album Info

Released: 2008-08-29
Producers: Van Morrison, Ted Templeman
Engineers: Donn Landee, Bob Schumaker, Jim Gaines, Dave Brown, Steve Brandon
Mixing: Donn Landee, Bob Schumaker on "Jackie Wilson Said"
Photography: Michael Maggid
Arrangements: Van Morrison, Tom Salisbury on "I Will Be There", "Redwood Tree" and "Saint Dominic's Preview"

written by:

Van Morrison

Sir George Ivan Morrison

lead vocals,acoustic guitar,rhythm guitar,twelve string guitar

Jules Broussard

tenor saxophone,flute

Bill Church


Boots Houston

tenor saxophone,backing vocals

Gary Mallaber


Doug Messenger

electric guitar,acoustic guitar,twelve string guitar

Mark Naftalin

piano,Moog synthesizer

Jack Schroer

alto,baritone saxophones

Rick Schlosser


Janet Planet

backing vocals

Tom Salisbury


Ellen Schroer

backing vocals

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