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Brian Mallaghan

Chieftains In Tribute to One of Their Own By Geoff Harden The Chieftains made a triumphant return to Belfast for their first concert here since the death of Derek Bell. Dedicated to his memory, the show featured a steady stream of guest singers, musicians and dancers. It started quietly enough with just the four core members: a beat of the Bodhran leading into a stately march. That soon turned into a reel and on came the remarkable Pilatzky brothers from Ottawa, doing impossible looking things with their legs. After that the band slowly grew until seven members of the Irish Harp Orchestra brought the number on stage to 18 to close the first half in rousing style. Early in the second part, an unexpected guest arrived in the form of Van Morrison. A roar greeted three of the songs he recorded with the band on their Irish Heartbeat Album. Later, Ronnie Drew and Nashville singer Allison Moorer did guest spots, as did Galician piper Carlos Nunez. All in all, it was a truly memorable assembly of talent and a fitting tribute to Derek Bell;
"Van appeared to perform Star Of The County Down, Carrickfergus and a rather under rehearsed I'll Tell Me Ma, during which Van and Paddy Moloney competed as to who could forget the lyrics most often!"
The first and third being songs of County Down and the middle song being from just across Belfast Lough in County Antrim.




Setlist Remarks

Star Of The County Down has now been played 218 times as a stand-alone song since its first appearance on 18FEB1979

Carrickfergus has now been played 86 times as a stand-alone song since its first appearance on 01MAY1988

I'll Tell Me Ma has now been played 29 times as a stand-alone song since its first appearance on 01MAY1988


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