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Interview with Ben Greenman for The New Yorker, published 09MAR2009
------------- on 25FEB2009

The Telegraph - conducted in oct2008 - this is the release date

10 Questions by TIME magazine

10 Questions by TIME magazine
0h06m37s,670898.shtml on 07JAN2009
2h09m05s,670898.shtml on 07JAN2009
2h09m55s on 22JAN2009 vanished on 25JAN2009 on 02MAR2009 on 19FEB2009
2h08m38s on 22FEB2009
2h05m14s cancelled on 19JAN2009 on 09DEC2008 cancelled on 19JAN2009

Interview with MSN

David Fricke Interview Rolling Stone - this is the release date
------------- on 18FEB2009 ; GS
2h15m49s on 18FEB2009 ; GS
2h12m31s on 18MAR2009
2h04m22s on 18MAR2009
2h02m39s on 14MAY2009 on 16APR2009
0h04m35s on 18MAR2009
2h09m27s on 18MAR2009
2h03m46s on 18MAR2009
------------- boxoffice whatson Event832 on 19JAN2009 - Note the change of date (06MAR2009) - all original tickets still valid
1h33m01s on 19JAN2009 - This is a change to the original concert date (07MAR2009) due to the rescheduling of this tour.
1h31m47s on 16JUN2009
0h34m01s on 16JUN2009
0h11m25s on 16JUN2009
1h36m42s on 16JUN2009
1h43m29s on 01AUG2009 on 11AUG2009
1h29m55s on 01AUG2009
0h40m13s on 01AUG2009
1h33m41s on 01AUG2009
1h35m18s on 24AUG2009
1h38m56s on 21JUL2009
1h36m04s on 08AUG2009 on 21OCT2009
0h26m00s on 29SEP2009
1h34m29s on 21JUL2009 on 14SEP2009 cancelled on 14OCT2009 We have just added BB King to play with Stevie Wonder on October 29th and Buddy Guy to play with Eric Clapton on October 30th. Van Morrison will no longer be on the show.

Van Morrison statement reg. becoming the father of George Ivan Morrison III

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