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Songs Length on 19FEB2009

Television Appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (first episode - other guests: Robert DeNiro and Justin Timberlake)




Setlist Remarks

Sweet Thing has now been played 130 times as a stand-alone song since its first appearance on 15OCT1968


on 19FEB2009 from - Sara Schaefer
The celebrities are coming! Everybody look busy! The news is out: we've booked guests for the first week, and they're awesome.
The first guest ever on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon will be an actor who's been in a few films - maybe you've heard of him...
ROBERT "YOU TALKIN' TO ME, JIMMY?" DE NIRO! Also on the first show, VAN "INTO THE MYSTIC, JIMMY?" MORRISON will sweep us away with his sweet sweet melodies. Sooooo, I think it's pretty safe to say, this is going to rule.
And it doesn't stop there. Are you ready for this?
BOOM! Let's get it started.
on 03MAR2009 from forum showthread.php?t=242029
zepfan1234: Van still has his voice. Rocky start, but sounds great.

berman1125:god i love van morrison, a little off now....but i want into the mystic to be my wedding song

DMBfan41: Late Night With Van Morrison, this is great.

BoydIsHuge: Am I the only one who can't understand a word Van Morrison is saying?

colegibson: I don't think he's singing words...

CrashDMB237: Even Van Morrison sucks on this show.

UNLTrpt: he's just kinda mumbling.

zepfan1234: This had better be a jab at the show not Van the Man. And I didn't think it sucked

clayj41: He thought, "Hey! The host is doing it, why can't I?" (in reply to: he's just kinda mumbling.)

CrashDMB237: Van Morrison is fuckin awesome. But that was bad. My point is, the host is rubbing off on the guests. This might as well have been Late Night with Justin Timberlake.

Bron_Yr_Aur: The show was pretty funny. And that's just how Van Morrison acts.
on 03MAR2009 from entertainment zontv 2009 03 jimmy_fallon_van_morrison_just.html - David Zurawik
But it was all pretty much downhill from there until Van Morrison closed with "Sweet Thing" from his legendary Astral Weeks album. What a treat to see Morrison on TV with a full band jamming away on such a lyrical piece.

However, even here, I have a couple of complaints. In terms of engineering, the sound was so muddy you couldn't hear the lush melodic undercurrents and polyrhythms that distinguish many of Morrison's best songs. And why couldn't executive producer Lorne Michaels have rewarded the folks who stayed up late for Morrison with two songs instead of one?

But, hey, you want pure musical sound, buy the CD -- don't go to late-night network TV looking for it, I guess.
on 03MAR2009 from daily entertainment 2009 03 twitter_community_responds_en.html
Twitter Community Responds En Masse to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

• "Thought having Van Morrison on @jimmyfallon was a rare, cool occurrence. But then I saw him again, same song and outfit, on Regis and Kelly" — brendancollins makes a good observation, but then again, it's not like Van Morrison is known as a fashion plate

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