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Astral Weeks

Album Info

Released: 1968-11-29
Lewis Merenstein-producer
Brooks Arthur-engineer
Ed Thrasher-art director
Joel Brodsky-photography

affiliate release(s)


Involved Musicians


VM-0220Astral Weeks-regular official 1969-09-1
VM-0428Astral Weeks-The Way Young Lovers Do official 1969-09100.001
VM-0553Astral Weeks-Simply Vinyl official 2004-1
VM-0622Astral Weeks-Star-Collection official 1972-1
VM-0754Astral Weeks-regular official 1972-1
VM-1136Astral Weeks-Double Dynamite official 1970-1
VM-1138Astral Weeks-regular official 1968-1
VM-1150Astral Weeks-regular official 1972-1
VM-1247Astral Weeks-Analog Remaster official 2008-12-18-1
VM-1487Astral Weeks-2 Originals Of… official 1976-1
VM-1612Astral Weeks-Analog Remaster official 2009-05-20-1
VM-1695Astral Weeks-regular official 1972-1
VM-1697Astral Weeks-regular official 1979-04-25-1
VM-1701Astral Weeks-Das Rock-Archiv official 1985-1
VM-1702Astral Weeks-Original Rock Classics official 1974-1
VM-1713Astral Weeks-2 Originals Of… official 1976-1
VM-1721Astral Weeks-regular official 1969-1
VM-1736Astral Weeks-regular official 1969-1
VM-1744Astral Weeks-Serie DISCOTECA Basica official 1969-1
VM-1745Astral Weeks-regular official 1969-1
VM-1746Astral Weeks-regular official 1969-1
VM-1780Astral Weeks-regular official 1969-1
VM-1787Astral Weeks-regular official 1972-1
AW-04Astral Weeks-regular official 1992-1
AW-05Astral Weeks-Double Dose official 1997-11-26-1
AW-06Astral Weeks-Super Twins official 1997-11-26-1
AW-07Astral Weeks-regular official 1987-05-07-1
AW-08Astral Weeks-regular official 1991-12-21-1
AW-09Astral Weeks-regular official 1996-01-25-1
AW-10Astral Weeks-Digital Remaster official 2008-06-25-1
AW-11Astral Weeks-regular official 1987-05-07-1
AW-12Astral Weeks-TRILOGY official 1992-1
AW-13Astral Weeks-astral weeks moondance his band and the street choir official 2008-1
AW-14Astral Weeks-Bild GOLD official 1993-1
AW-15Astral Weeks-regular official 1992-1
AW-16Astral Weeks-Digital Remaster official 2013-07-24-1
AW-17Astral Weeks-regular official 1987-05-07-1
AW-18Astral Weeks-3 FOR ONE official 2000-1
AW-19Astral Weeks-TRILOGY official 2005-1
AW-20Astral Weeks-Discotheque Ideale official 2013-07-24-1
AW-22Astral Weeks-regular official 1976-1
AW-23Astral Weeks-regular official 197?-1
AW-24Astral Weeks-regular official 1977-1
AW-25Astral Weeks-regular official 1975-1
AW-26Astral Weeks-regular official 1982-1
AW-27Astral Weeks-regular official 197?-1
AW-28Astral Weeks-Original Rock Classics official 1974-1
AW-29Astral Weeks-regular official 1976-1
AW-30Astral Weeks-regular official 197?-1
AW-31Astral Weeks-regular official 197?-1
AW-32Astral Weeks-regular official 197?-1
AW-33Astral Weeks-regular official 198?-1
AW-34Astral Weeks-regular official 1972-1
AW-35Astral Weeks-regular official 1988-1
AW-37Astral Weeks-Digital Remaster official 2018-05-23-1
AW-38Astral Weeks-3 FOR ONE official 2000-1
AW-39Astral Weeks-BMG Direct Music Club official 2000-1
AW-40Astral Weeks-14 official 2020-1
AW-41Astral Weeks-Digital Remaster official 2019-08-07-1
AW-44Astral Weeks-High Resolution official 2016-08-06-1
VM-0550Astral Weeks-regular promotional 1969-09-1
VM-1031Astral Weeks-regular promotional 1969-09150.001
VM-1520Astral Weeks-Analog Remaster promotional 2008-12-18-1
VM-1539Astral Weeks-Star-Collection promotional 1972-04-28-1
VM-1696Astral Weeks-regular promotional 1972-1
VM-1835Astral Weeks-Original Rock Classics promotional 1974-1
AW-42Astral Weeks Radio spots-Radio Spots promotional 1969-09-1
AW-01Astral Weeks Expanded Remaster-Expanded Remaster official 2015-10-30-1
AW-03Astral Weeks Expanded Remaster-Expanded Remaster official 2015-11-11-1
AW-21Astral Weeks Expanded Remaster-Expanded Remaster official 2015-10-30-1
AW-36Astral Weeks Expanded Remaster-Expanded Remaster official 2015-10-30-1
AW-43Astral Weeks Expanded Remaster-Expanded Remaster official 2015-10-30-1
AW-02Astral Weeks Expanded Remaster-Expanded Remaster promotional 2015-10-1

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6 promotional

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Releases by media type

Versions present in my collection:

4 official
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