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songhall on 08APR2015

Songwriter's Hall Of Fame Johnny Mercer Award



Setlist Remarks

Real Real Gone has now been played 121 times as a stand-alone song since its first appearance on 04MAR1981
New to the previous show.Overall closing shows 3 times.



Morrison was surprisingly upbeat and humorous while echoing some of Toby Keith’s
comments about the importance of receiving proper royalty money.
“I don’t have a long-winded speech. I usually let the songs speak for themselves.
The hits come and go. The performance money hopefully goes on and helps you through
the mean and lean streaks. But you still have to keep at it. Thanks to Michael
for coming all the way from Vancouver for this. He told me he would do anything for me.
So I said “will you put two of my songs, my new ones, on your next recording.
He said yes! So, the name of the game is… hustle!”

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