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You Don't Know Me

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You Don't Know Me [Days Like This]

Album Info

Released: 1995-06-05
Production: Van Morrison and Phil Coulter
Recording: Mick Glossop, Walter Samuel and Brian Masterson
Assistant engineers: Matthew Lawrence, Greig Sangster, Avril Mackintosh, Jamie Cullum, Alastair McMillan and Meabh Flynn
Mixing: Walter Samuel and Mick Glossop
Mastering: Ian Cooper and Tim Young
Horn arrangements: Pee Wee Ellis and James McMillan

written by:

Eddy Arnold,Cindy Walker

Sir George Ivan Morrison


Liam Bradley


Phil Coulter


Foggy Lyttle

electric guitar

James McMillan


Shana Morrison

vocals,backing vocals

Pee Wee Ellis

tenor saxophone

Leo Green

tenor saxophone

Matt Holland


Brian Kennedy

backing vocals

Nicky Scott


Kate St. John

tenor saxophone

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