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0h13m; Rock Island Line Tribute concert for Lonnie Donnegan; "What a strange evening. This oldtime-chique venue, very unfitting for the music played. In the audience mainly gentlemen who formed their first skiffle-band in the early Sixties (and some of their sons and grandsons were there, too); onstage a great line-up of rock / and blues / and skiffle veterans, more or less directed by some ambitious youngsters. Song after song another voice from days gone by, doing their best to show all the musical sides of Lonnie Donegan. Alas, these fast changes didn't include soundcheck and the adjusting of microphones – therefore the sound at times was just awful. Many songs were familiar from the “Skiffle Sessions” album, several others were from the “chewing gum” and “dustman” category, and everybody around me knew all the lyrics by heart. I liked Billy Bragg's “Dead or Alive”, Joe Brown's performances, Bruce Welsh's “Frankie And Johnny”, Roger Daltrey, Mark Knopfler (including his own new “Donegan's Gone” – sentimental, but with some great guitar playing). Elderly men seem to become either taller and slimmer with age, or they become shorter and fatter. Highlights of the evening were from the latter category: Joe Cocker, who celebrated the blues, and – of course (?) – Van Morrison, the last star in the line-up who tried to make this into a concert of his own: “Lost John”, “Jesse James”, a very fast “Midnight Special” - the latter two accompanied by a fragile-looking Chris Barber on bass (kontrabass). Van also lead a grand all-musicians-onstage finale playing “Goodnight Irene” (what else). He came onstage smiling (!), accepted some flowers from the audience after his performance, needed help with the lyrics, and apparently didn't like the sound (well, then, who did). Now the less enthusiastic part: Mr. and Mrs. Donegan had a couple of sons who now work in the field of music, too. And they exploit their second name. It's okay to make some money out of your father's musical legacy if you can – these guys here even used their father's old jokes (including, of course, his “sit down you fools you couldn't afford me”). But they aren't up to the spirit or talent. They simply murder every song they play. The accompanying band (“The Original Lonnie Donegan Band” / “our family”) did their best to maintain the standard, and their – short – soli were very good. But Peter and Anthony D almost ruined these efforts; somebody should tell them that “full-throttle” doesn't naturally means “good music”, especially if the voice isn't grand. Anyway: I enjoyed most of the evening" - Birgit

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