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Songs Length
recorded by the BBC - aired on 15MAR2008 by BBC2 - show reported to last for 70 minutes, so some songs missing !
. 0:04:26.00
. 0:05:19.00
. 0:04:27.00
. 0:04:58.00
. 0:04:05.00
. 0:06:26.00
. 0:03:50.00
. 0:03:07.00
. 0:04:42.00
. 0:03:03.00
. 0:07:12.00
Very enjoyable but short at 70 minutes or so. He played 30 minutes of 'clinkers and semi-clinkers' then 40 minutes of the new album.
He was said to be in a bad mood but his voice (picked up on a BBC mic rather than the usual mic) was sounding simply stunning. He really was putting the effort in to get it right too. He stood some and sat some and appeared really in to it.
Not sure about the new album. Presumably he only actually did about half of it. Certainly there is a track there that will be excellent 'rant' material as it develops live. Most of the other stuff was a bit reminiscent of magic Time but none of it really stood out.
Probably it will improve with listening. Not too much country surfaced. Personnel were as it has been recently but with Mick Green as well as Platania. Katie Kissoon was absent and replaced by the plump blonde who was with them last year. No GF.

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