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Bang Recordings

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Released: 1994


Involved Musicians


VM-0232Bang Recordings-Payin' Dues official 1994-1
VM-0233Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl & Freaky If You Got This Far official 2003-1
VM-0234Bang Recordings-Midnight Special official 2004-12-07-1
VM-0235Bang Recordings-The 1967 New York Sessions official 2000-03-14-1
VM-0236Bang Recordings-New York Sessions '67 official 1997-1
VM-0237Bang Recordings-Diamond Star Collection official 1994-1
VM-0238Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-0239Bang Recordings-Double Gold official 1995-1
VM-0240Bang Recordings-Spanish Rose official 1994-1
VM-0241Bang Recordings-The Lost Tapes - Volume 2 official 1992-1
VM-0242Bang Recordings-It's Allright official 1992-1
VM-0243Bang Recordings-The Wonderful Music Of official 1998-1
VM-0244Bang Recordings-Midnight Special official 2000-1
VM-0245Bang Recordings-18 Original Recordings official 2000-1
VM-0246Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 1997-1
VM-0247Bang Recordings-Millenium Collection official 1999-1
VM-0248Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official --1
VM-0249Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 2006-06-23-1
VM-0250Bang Recordings-New York Sessions '67 official 1996-1
VM-0252Bang Recordings-The Great official 2000-11-21-1
VM-0402Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-0409Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-0568Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 1968-02-1
VM-0587Bang Recordings-This Is Where I Came In official 1968-02-1
VM-0602Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-04-25-1
VM-0845Bang Recordings-Collections official 2007-10-1
VM-0846Bang Recordings-Collections official 2007-10-1
VM-1255Bang Recordings-Blowin' Your Mind official 2008-09-17-1
VM-1276Bang Recordings-Payin' Dues official 1994-1
VM-1277Bang Recordings-The Rare Collection official 1996-1
VM-1279Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 1968-02-1
VM-1287Bang Recordings-In Session official 1999-1
VM-1288Bang Recordings-Goodbye Baby official --1
VM-1337Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official --1
VM-1349Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 2008-1
VM-1365Bang Recordings-The Bang Sessions official 2007-1
VM-1434Bang Recordings-with love from…Van Morrison official 1973-1
VM-1447Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-1449Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 2003-1
VM-1452Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-1505Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 2003-1
VM-1557Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 2008-1
VM-1558Bang Recordings-The Collection official 2001-1
VM-1602Bang Recordings-T.B. Sheets official 1973-1
VM-1645Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 1997-1
VM-1659Bang Recordings-AM Radio Gold official 2009-09-15-1
VM-1664Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl Double Classics official 1998-1
VM-1679Bang Recordings-The Best Of Van Morrison official 1971-1
VM-1829Bang Recordings-New York Sessions '67 official 1997-12-17-1
VM-1830Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 2008-1
VM-1912Bang Recordings-Golden Legends official 2005-1
VM-1957Bang Recordings-The Early Years official 1999-1
VM-1958Bang Recordings-Spanish Rose official 1996-1
VM-1959Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 2000-1
VM-1960Bang Recordings-The Early Years 67-68 official 2000-1
VM-1961Bang Recordings-Greatest Hits - STEEL BOX COLLECTION official 2009-1
VM-1970Bang Recordings-The Early Years official 2004-1
VM-1971Bang Recordings-Greatest Hits - 3CD STEEL BOX COLLECTION official 2009-1
VM-1972Bang Recordings-Before The Fame official 2003-1
VM-1996Bang Recordings-At His Best official 2003-1
VM-2046Bang Recordings-Madame George - The Bang Sessions official 2001-1
VM-2085Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 1968-02-1
VM-2086Bang Recordings-THE BEST OF VAN MORRISON official 1970-1
VM-2087Bang Recordings-The Complete New York Sessions '67 official 1996-1
VM-2121Bang Recordings-18 Original Recordings official 2000-1
VM-2138Bang Recordings-THE BEST OF VAN MORRISON official 1973-1
VM-2173Bang Recordings-The Best Of The Greatest official 1999-1
VM-2193Bang Recordings-The Collection official 2010-1
VM-2220Bang Recordings-The Ultimate History Of Rock Collection CD 4 official 2002-1
VM-2252Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-2253Bang Recordings-The Collection official 2009-1
VM-2254Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 1998-1
VM-2280Bang Recordings-Van Morrison Super Hits official 1999-1
VM-2300Bang Recordings-12 Classic Hits official 2009-1
VM-2308Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 2006-1
VM-2320Bang Recordings-Van Morrison official 2002-1
VM-2324Bang Recordings-The Early Years Collection official 2003-1
VM-2327Bang Recordings-Masters official 1991-1
VM-2335Bang Recordings-T.B. Sheets (Definitive Remaster Series) official 2012-02-06-1
VM-2339Bang Recordings-Blowin' Your Mind ( 4 Track) official 1971-1
VM-2342Bang Recordings-SUPER HITS official 2007-1
VM-2387Bang Recordings-Brown Eyed Girl official 1999-1
VM-2388Bang Recordings-The Best official 1992-1
VM-2389Bang Recordings-Artist Touch official 2009-1
VM-2390Bang Recordings-Van The Man official 2008-1
VM-0251Bang Recordings-New York Sessions '67 promotional 1999-12-16-1
VM-0594Bang Recordings-10 Fantastic Tracks promotional 2006-1
VM-1159Bang Recordings-Classic promotional 2006-1
VM-1651Bang Recordings-The Best Of Irish Rock promotional 2005-1
VM-1663Bang Recordings-Promotional Compact Disc promotional 1993-1
VM-1743Bang Recordings-Van Morrison promotional 2006-1
VM-1905Bang Recordings-Move Closer Volume 1 promotional 2005-1
VM-1906Bang Recordings-Feelin' Good promotional 2005-1
VM-1907Bang Recordings-All-Time Favourites promotional 2005-1
VM-1917Bang Recordings-Lovers' CD promotional 2005-1
VM-2004Bang Recordings-Sounds Of The Summer promotional 2003-1
VM-2099Bang Recordings-Essential 70's Collection volume 1 promotional 2003-1
VM-2128Bang Recordings-Summer Superstars Volume 1 promotional 2005-07-22-1
VM-2150Bang Recordings-Free And Single Volume One promotional 2005-1
VM-2158Bang Recordings-perfect love CD ONE promotional 2004-1
VM-2159Bang Recordings-Hits From The Flicks promotional 2004-1
VM-2160Bang Recordings-Jaegermeister praesentiert promotional 2003-1
VM-2196Bang Recordings-ultimate male promotional 2005-1
VM-2197Bang Recordings-movie classics promotional 2003-1
VM-2198Bang Recordings-The Best Of..Movie Tunes promotional 2005-1
VM-2199Bang Recordings-the playlist series sampler vol. 2 promotional 2010-1
VM-2217Bang Recordings-The Legend promotional 2009-1

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