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The Last Waltz


The Band

Album Info

Released: 1978-07
Producer: Robbie Robertson
John Simon: producer, string arrangements
Rob Fraboni: producer
Ed Anderson: recording and mixing engineer
Terry Becker, Neil Brody, Tim Kramer, Elliot Mazer and Wayne Neuendorf: recording engineers
Baker Bigsby, Tony Bustos and Jeremy Zatkin: mixing engineers
Bill Graham: concert production


Involved Musicians


VM-0272The Last Waltz-regular official 1978-1
VM-0273The Last Waltz-regular official 2002-1
VM-0372The Last Waltz-Complete 4-CD Set official 2002-1
VM-0715The Last Waltz-Collector's Edition official 2003-03-16-1
VM-0975The Last Waltz-Celebrating 90 Years Of Film official 2008-03-14-1
VM-1604The Last Waltz-regular official 2003-1
VM-1708The Last Waltz-Rock Classics official 1994-1
VM-1709The Last Waltz-regular official 2006-07-25-1
VM-1752The Last Waltz-regular official 1984-1
VM-1860The Last Waltz-regular official 1978-1
VM-1868The Last Waltz-regular official 1978-1
VM-1899The Last Waltz-regular official 1981-1
VM-1969The Last Waltz-Collector's Edition official 2008-1
VM-2093The Last Waltz-Rock & Roll Cinema official 2010-05-07-1
VM-2241The Last Waltz-regular official 1978-1
VM-2297The Last Waltz-regular official 1978-1
VM-1712The Last Waltz-regular promotional 1978-1

Releases by media type

Versions present in my collection:

3 official
1 official
4 official
2 official
1 official
2 official
1 official
2 official
1 promotional

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