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Born to Sing: No Plan B

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Born To Sing
Close Enough For Jazz BTSNPB
Educating Archie
End Of The Rainbow
Going Down To Monte Carlo
If In Money We Trust
Mystic Of The East
Open The Door (To Your Heart)
Pagan Heart
Retreat And View
"Well it’s all about doing what you’re meant to do and no frills, like Mose Allison said about me, if you want to look it up, ‘There's no smoke or mirrors, there’s no lights. It is what you get.' That’s basically what you get. I’m not a tap dancing act. It’s just singing."
[Van Morrison's description of the meaning of the title during an Interview with John Bennett (Belfast Telegraph) 25-SEP-2012]
    Van Morrison – alto saxophone, electric guitar, piano, vocals
    Paul Moran – Hammond organ, trumpet, piano, keyboards
    Alistair White – trombone
    Chris White – tenor saxophone, clarinet
    Dave Keary – guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar
    Paul Moore – bass
    Jeff Lardner – drums, percussion
    Van Morrison – production for Exile Productions, Ltd.
    Enda Walsh – recording, mixing
    Tim Young – mastered at Metropolis Mastering, London, UK
    John Rogers - management
    Paddy Johnston - personal assistant
There are 3 official versions known
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Label Released 2012-09-26
ISBN internal
Length nya Songs
ffp comment
1 Open The Door (To Your Heart) - - -
2 Going Down To Monte Carlo - - -
3 Born To Sing - - -
4 End Of The Rainbow - - -
5 Close Enough For Jazz BTSNPB - - -
6 Mystic Of The East - - -
7 Retreat And View - - -
8 If In Money We Trust - - -
9 Pagan Heart - - -
10 Educating Archie - - -
Label Released 2012-08-24
ISBN internal
Length 0h05m19s Songs
ffp comment
1 Open The Door (To Your Heart) 0:05:19.00 - -
comment scheduled for 28AUG2012
Label Released 2012-09-28
ISBN internal
Length 0h59m56s Songs
ffp comment
1 Open The Door (To Your Heart) 0:05:20.00 f1560cd576516b7d9871762ec051c3f5 -
2 Going Down To Monte Carlo 0:08:12.00 1f4892ed3a5a0671eaeece2f2e9a229a -
3 Born To Sing 0:04:39.00 e3157f0cfe3d55b2501ec25e9c5abc9f -
4 End Of The Rainbow 0:04:36.00 93a4cdbf835aeb4f6bda3d4193aca7bf -
5 Close Enough For Jazz BTSNPB 0:03:46.00 dedad16fa71d79108d732aea767144c5 -
6 Mystic Of The East 0:04:56.00 f666b08261ae1699b457718a453cfa3d -
7 Retreat And View 0:06:51.00 75ecf642b39ea1baca7b27e9661170d0 -
8 If In Money We Trust 0:08:03.00 d851c7a0fbc2595a8a25ec6f30643342 -
9 Pagan Heart 0:07:52.00 6290760ad330d2df8a49c28efe7d326a -
10 Educating Archie 0:05:41.00 82a89ea6eabe55513a926e44e139c6ff -

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