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Live At Austin City Limits Festival

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Back On Top
Big Blue Diamonds
Bright Side Of The Road
Brown Eyed Girl
Cleaning Windows
Days Like This
Don't Start Crying Now > Custard Pie
Don't You Make Me High
I Can't Stop Loving You
In The Midnight
It's All In The Game > You Know What They're Writing About
Muleskinner Blues
Precious Time
Real Real Gone > You Send Me
Saint James Infirmary
Wild Night
"To Be Done
[to be done]
to be done
There are 1 official versions known
Sorry, there are known
Label Released 2006-12-03
ISBN internal
Length 1h37m52s Songs
ffp comment
1 Back On Top 0:05:45.32 0dff16a7e55873e92fc53cef0afd78e7 2006-09-15
2 Big Blue Diamonds 0:03:06.34 9e92c041040a30e02b1e8b9bac6b9240 2006-09-15
3 Playhouse 0:05:30.78 3ea457213b665128dda32658c45acce0 2006-09-15
4 Days Like This 0:03:02.45 714c2b0bf5c7ca6ace1ba0c12c056894 2006-09-15
5 Muleskinner Blues 0:05:49.05 dd3420714859b64d6a62b5cddc5b90e3 2006-09-15
6 In The Midnight 0:05:24.26 7a1cb7d79c536d783d5d803d4b992485 2006-09-15
7 Bright Side Of The Road 0:04:29.42 4be338867d4df0d3dce5772100cb469e 2006-09-15
8 Cleaning Windows 0:03:05.33 3b38f801caa54f7b9ff8fe7eb8c3614a 2006-09-15
9 I Can't Stop Loving You 0:04:37.92 5f3c151b4d5c488e1e6ad72d8610a306 2006-09-15
10 Don't You Make Me High 0:05:32.17 58b350525e76b9f703b772338e6d0a49 2006-09-15
11 Real Real Gone > You Send Me 0:05:36.72 9b8bd26126eeab401951bbfa671851ac 2006-09-15
12 Saint James Infirmary 0:05:28.29 a8962bf892604eee411cf22496d2b07b 2006-09-15
13 Moondance 0:06:20.86 2ef3af6f1282670e6323b19b6a62607e 2006-09-15
14 It's All In The Game > You Know What They're Writing About 0:07:21.46 fa8816711b66df7489f90aad6fb5733c 2006-09-15
15 Precious Time 0:03:52.44 6d1d6f9036bcd70f86728219b4e8b063 2006-09-15
16 Don't Start Crying Now > Custard Pie 0:05:23.64 0bef19b285f614bff63f4575a60d5ac5 2006-09-15
17 Wild Night 0:04:18.14 18a9a8bfd4e8ef8be2c9bbafd68057e4 2006-09-15
18 Brown Eyed Girl 0:04:21.65 3b1cf471b986dc295a682d1b89df9986 2006-09-15
19 Gloria 0:08:46.25 a6c98abe2205ce8b032f0cfd79d59018 2006-09-15
Matrix EXILECD1 SP 214379 D101EXILECD1 SP 214380 D201
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