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Live In Hamburg

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All Work And No Play
And The Healing Has Begun
Back On Top
Goldfish Bowl
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Hoochie Coochie Man
I Will Be There
In The Midnight
It Once Was My Life
Kansas City
Once In A Blue Moon
Philosophers Stone
That's Life
What's Wrong With This Picture ?
Whinin Boy Moan
"To Be Done
[to be done]
to be done
There are 1 promo versions known
Sorry, there are known
Label Released 2004
ISBN internal
Length 1h28m26s Songs
ffp comment
CD1-1 I Will Be There 0:02:50.04 010b44ecada42522914ce2b515f55cb3 2003-11-13
CD1-2 What's Wrong With This Picture ? 0:05:39.90 e6d853b6a7233b63b723fe6d157f1571 2003-11-13
CD1-3 All Work And No Play 0:04:37.10 4fea415fe30254b8781169dd20c277fc 2003-11-13
CD1-4 Once In A Blue Moon 0:03:14.69 840b4a29b9c0a79ba408cce4c6a24faf 2003-11-13
CD1-5 Whinin Boy Moan 0:04:23.97 e23050887dd09dfd9b250a28283c894f 2003-11-13
CD1-6 Goldfish Bowl 0:09:22.90 1253a756d57474cc4422639e60e9c3c7 2003-11-13
CD1-7 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 0:03:56.61 b339f06822d40fa1bde5537785d133ac 2003-11-13 renamed Have I Told You Lately?
CD1-8 That's Life 0:04:24.06 f4c91645c883f4880b671c0d73945bba 2003-11-13
CD1-9 It Once Was My Life 0:05:10.01 d64476a1a0122746451eaec59291a62b 2003-11-13
CD2-1 In The Midnight 0:04:43.22 0995f1472054c8e910fe8b99b8b40310 2003-11-13
CD2-2 Kansas City 0:07:36.14 562d02c29813a2974353cd689983d98d 2003-11-13
CD2-3 Hoochie Coochie Man 0:03:59.41 1f37da35856775ab8ec0c69adb0f2fef 2003-11-13
CD2-4 Back On Top 0:04:09.33 539aac37a6375adabac7c187721cf815 2003-11-13
CD2-5 Philosophers Stone 0:06:20.96 fadb6e7a5e7475993eb4f6dc8aae1f16 2003-11-13
CD2-6 And The Healing Has Begun 0:11:29.41 8444aa8988ea8a39fbd28d33e90c50a0 2003-11-13 misspelled The Healing Has Begun
CD2-7 Gloria 0:06:28.81 cdfeee5bcfea526c030685b254bf2925 2003-11-13
Matrix RFD80M ,-05383 00 1LRFD80M .-05383 00 1L

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