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If I Ever Needed Someone

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If I Ever Needed Someone [His Band And The Street Choir]

Album Info

Released: 1970-10-15
Studio A @ A & R Studios,799 7th Avenue at 52nd Street,New York City,New York,USA
Van Morrison-producer
Dahaud Shaar-assistant producer
Elliot Scheiner-production coordinator, engineer
Dixon Van Winkle, Ed Anderson, Mark Harman, Richard Lubash-assisting engineers
David Gahr-photography
Janet Planet-album design

written by:

Van Morrison

Sir George Ivan Morrison

lead vocals,guitar,harmonica

Alan Hand

piano,Hammond organ,celeste

Keith Johnson

trumpet,Hammond organ

John Klingberg


John Platania

electric guitar,acoustic guitar,mandolin

Jack Schroer

soprano saxophone,alto saxophone,baritone saxophone,piano

Dahaud Shaar

drums,percussion,bass clarinet,backing vocals

Judy Clay

backing vocals

Emily Houston

backing vocals

Jackie Verdell

backing vocals

If I Ever Needed Someone [Duets: Reworking The Catalogue]

Album Info

Released: 2015-03-13
Producer: Van Morrison,Don Was,Bob Rock
Mastering: Bob Rock,Enda Walsh,Haydn Bendall
Recording: Enda Walsh,Haydn Bendall,Brian Masterson[Strings],joe Kearns[Mark Knopfler],James Towler [Steve Winwood]

written by:

Van Morrison

Sir George Ivan Morrison

vocals,alto saxophone,electric guitar,acoustic guitar

Mavis Staples


Dave Keary


Paul Moore


Jeff Lardner


Abass Nii Dodoo


Mike Osborn


Paul Moran

Hammond organ,piano,flugelhorn,trumpet

Chris White

tenor saxophone,baritone saxophone,tin whistle

Alistair White


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